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Baldock Judo Club


'Seek to find reconciliation not retribution'

Baldock Judo Club was formed by the voluntary efforts of several residents of Baldock, who gave up their time to give something special to the community in which they lived.

That tradition continues today. Teachers work as one to create better people from the students who attend each week for instruction. There is a place for everyone, no matter how poor their ability may seem they have within them the seed of greater things. Every student finds their own 'way'. The teacher meerly guides, allowing the true beauty and understanding within to blossom. They learn that it is not acceptable to be oppressed, life is a precious and wondrous thing and pain can be transmuted into action, grief to joy and anger to positive thought. sumi.gifWe meet once a week on a Saturday morning at 9.30 a.m. Teaching not only Judo but other Budo arts such as Aikido and Kendo. The senior sessions were held on a Monday night however the prohibitive cost of venues had caused us to close the classes. Here we extend this training to encompass Ju-Jitsu, Chi-Kung, Hay-Sut and Ki-Training. All of which emphasise the circular nature of life and Martial training.

We welcome all ages and sexes, the Juniors from 6-16 tani.gifand the seniors from 16-240+. As we are a charity the weekly charge is a mere £3 which we use to pay the insurance, memberships, grading registration and new equipment. The first lesson is free so why not come along and try it out!

Each session is held in;

Baldock Community Centre
Simpson Drive, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 6DH

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Telephone Geoff Watts for details 01462 642496


If you have any queries either EMAIL us

or use the feedback Form

Thankyou for your interest.

Yours in Budo,

David Deer

Sensei David Deer 4th Dan Doshi


©David Deer 2002