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The Study Of Tenkai Shin Do

'The body becomes the action of our mind and heart. As one it moves and converges. Becoming one with everything and overcoming all'

Tenkai Shin Do - The coming together of all things

After many years of study within the world of the Martial Arts, I came upon the philosophies and ideals of Kenshiro Abe Sensei. Although many of his techniques and training methods were taught to me, I began to seek out those personal dreams he outlined on his last return to the United kingdom. In creating Kyu Shin Do he sought to combine the physical and etherial aspects of the Martial arts in one. From chaos he sought order and from confict, harmony . He simplified these thoughts into three statements:

Banbutsu Ruten: All things in the universe are in a constant state of motion.

Ritsu Do: This motion is rhythmic and flowing

Chowa: All things work and flow in perfect harmony.

Striving to achieve harmony whilst developing self perfection were the goals I set myself. The tree that does not bend with the wind snaps and dies, the water which does not pass around the rock, stops and stagnates. Thus in life all things must harmonise in order to continue to thrive.

The study of Budo begins with a path of physical exertion. Pushing the body and ultimately the mind beyond the limits normally imposed upon it. When the body is exhausted and it seems that it can no longer function the peculiar 'mind set' that the student acquires, overcomes these physical limitations. Beyond the physical state lies a new way of defining limits, a state where anything is possible. This is where I now dwell.


Sensei Kenshiro Abbe 10th Dan

Of course it has been a long and arduous task and in the pages of this web site I would like to share some of the Martial practices which constitute the Art of Budo, or 'Martial ways'.

Yours in Budo,

Sensei David Deer. 4th Dan Doshi

©David Deer 2002



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